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Requiem of the Human Soul, by Jeremy Lent
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What is a Primal?  

A Primal is a human being who hasn't been genetically enhanced.   Like you and me.   Everyone alive today is a Primal.   Every human being who has ever lived in the past is a Primal.  

By the late 22nd century, the Primals are in the distinct minority: there are only 3 billion of us versus 7 billion d-humans.   Everyone who could afford it made sure their children were genetically enhanced.   After all, if you could virtually guarantee that your children will grow up to live healthy lives, free from cancer, heart attacks and countless other diseases, wouldn't you?

So, the only people who are still Primals by the late 22nd century are those who could never afford to get genetic enhancement for their children – the global underclass.   And a few quirky or fundamentalist groups whose beliefs wouldn't permit genetic enhancement.


In the late 22nd century, the living conditions of Primals are, for the most part, abysmal.   A lot like the living conditions for the 1-2 billion people who live in our current world on less than $2/day.  

This is what Naomi Aramovich tells Eusebio about his own species: "You see, Eusebio, I'm terribly sorry to say it, but the vast majority of your fellow Primals live in dire conditions.   They are the global underclass, Eusebio, the impoverished peasants and laborers, mostly in the less developed countries, who could never come close to affording even the most basic genetic enhancement technologies.   For the most part, they're illiterate, starving and diseased."

That's why the d-humans want to get rid of us. They say we're dirty, miserable, diseased and dangerous.   We fill up vast areas of the globe which could be used more efficiently.   We pollute the atmosphere.   We're violent to each other.   And it costs the d-human world a lot of money to keep us under control.   That's why they came up with the PEPS proposal: the Proposal for the Extinction of the Primal Species.

[Read more about the PEPS Proposal]


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