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Requiem of the Human Soul, by Jeremy Lent
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It all seemed so reasonable at the time … Check out the future magazine and newspaper articles to see how the different steps from here to the future all seemed so perfectly normal when they occurred. 

The New York Journal  September 29, 2044  [PDF]  [HTML]

Matterhorn Insurance plays genetic favorites: Announcement adds fuel to simmering controversy

Article summary: Matterhorn, a top U.S. health insurance company, offers deep discounts to customers who have been pre-natally screened for genetic health risk factors.   A few years earlier, the European Union made pre-natal health screening available free to its citizens after experience showed vastly improved health profiles from screening.   Social activists in the U.S. argue that such discounting will create a two-tier social structure in the country further dividing the "haves" from the "have-nots."

Wealth Monthly  June 11, 2069  [PDF]  [HTML]

The New Offshore Baby Boom: The rush for designer babies brings a new line of business to the offshore banking centers.

Article summary: Features industry leader Advanced Germline Engineering which offers designer babies in offshore clinics to middle-class American families.   Describes the experience of Atlanta couple, Aretha and William Johnson, who have successfully created their designer baby in a state-of-the-art Cayman Islands facility.  Article predicts that, with its proven track record, designer baby clinics will soon be offered legitimately in the U.S.   Social activists argue that this development is leading to an ever-increasing gap between the "haves" and "have-nots."

Foreign Affairs September 2093  [PDF]  [HTML]

Defending America's Homeland: The Genetic Solution by Dr. Henry Wallright, former National Security Advisor for the Homeland Party administration.

Article summary: The U.S. faces a grave military threat from China as the world degenerates into global war.   Two decades earlier, China had initiated a national "Required Genetic Modification" (RGM) policy, resulting in a new generation of Chinese military with faster reaction times, higher IQ, greater aggression and nationalistic beliefs than the norm.   The only way the U.S. can defend its global position long-term is to institute the same policy domestically.   The article urges support for an upcoming constitutional amendment to permit RGM in the U.S.

Harper Atlantic Magazine  February 2117  [PDF]  [HTML]

Phoenix Rising [Speech Fragment by Juan José Gonzalez, the newly-appointed Chairman of the United Nations Governing Council]

Article summary: Sr. Gonzalez addresses the G26 nations in the wake of the devastation caused by twenty years of global war.   Vowing "never again", the UN has passed a strictly enforced Global Aggression Limitation Treaty (GALT) permitting only genetic enhancement which subordinates the "aggression" and "doctrinal belief" gene-sets.   GALT promises a new generation of more peaceful and tolerant d-humans. Sr. Gonzalez also announces the creation of a new agency – the United Nations Authority for the Primal Species (UNAPS) - to supervise and care for the billions of so-called "Primals" who have not yet been genetically enhanced. 

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