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Requiem of the Human Soul, by Jeremy Lent
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Some time in 2009 – the year of the publication of Requiem of the Human Soul – Julius Schumacher is getting born in Hamburg, Germany.   This kicks off the countdown to the Proposal for the Extinction of the Primal Species, where Eusebio is forced to defend our human race.  

Here's what happens in between…    



2009          Julius Schumacher born

c. 2015      Genetic Donor Enhancement technology developed

2023          Insurance discounts for genetic screen tests

2024          Pre-natal optimization (PNO) technology first available

2030          Civil war in Nigeria

2031          88% of insurance applicants take genetic screen test

c. 2035      Last tiger sighted in the wild

2041          Supreme Court case: illegal to patent a single gene

2042          EU legislation: d-panel given free to citizens

2044          New York Journal article: "Matterhorn Insurance plays genetic   favorites"

2047          First Genetic Donor Enhancement for humans

2052          Class Action to Rectify Global Injustice (CARGI) filed

Mid 2050s  Burgeoning designer baby industry ended in U.S.

2057          Dr. Schumacher discovers the CONDUCTER

2063          Columbus nuclear explosion

2066          On Being Human published

2068          China legislates "Required Genetic Enhancement"

2069          Wealth Monthly article: "The New Offshore Baby Boom"

2069          Dr. Schumacher assassinated                                    



2073   Homeland Party elected into power

2073   U.S. re-introduces the military draft

c. 2080   50% of U.S. babies are d-babies (d1 or d2)

2091   China abolishes the military draft

2092   First d-human U.S. president elected

2093   Foreign Affairs article: "Defending America's Homeland: The Genetic Solution"

2094   U.S. Constitution amended with Homeland Security Bill of Rights

2095   Great Global Wars begin

2112   Great Global Wars end

2114   Naomi Aramovich born

2116   Global Aggression Limitation Treaty (GALT) signed

2117   Harper Atlantic article: "Phoenix Rising"

2118   United Nations Authority for the Primal Species (UNAPS) set up

2138   Eusebio Franklin born

2159   Sally Franklin born

2169   Sarah Franklin dies

2180   Sally and Gareth leave Tuckers Corner

2185   Proposal for the Extinction of the Primal Species (PEPS) session



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