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Requiem of the Human Soul, by Jeremy Lent
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In the late 22nd century, the d-Humans, who are in the majority, are proposing that the Primals should become extinct. 

It's called the PEPS proposal: The Proposal for the Extinction of the Primal Species.  They're holding a hearing at the United Nations... and our human race is on trial.

the case for the prosecution

Thankfully, there's a group of Primal Rights activists among the d-humans who have been fighting to stop the PEPS proposal from happening.   They've managed to get the UN to agree to a PEPS hearing.  

But they needed a Primal representative, which is where Eusebio comes in.   Naomi Aramovich and the Primal Rights activists selected him to represent the Primal species.   And he has to defend our race against Harry Shields, the d-human prosecutor.  

What's he prosecuting us for? For extinctions.   For genocides.   For messing up the world so badly when we were in charge.   All the way through to the end of the 21st century.   Harry Shields spends the first day of the hearing going over how we Primals drove the tigers, the elephants, the chimpanzees, and countless other species to extinction.

In Harry Shields' own words: "Why should we view it as a crime to implement the extinction of the Primals when the Primals themselves were prepared to drive countless other species to extinction without anyone being held accountable?"

more humane than what we did to the tigers?

Harry really rubs it in.   He argues that the d-humans' PEPS proposal is more humane than what we did to the tigers in the 21st century:

"Now, Eusebio, I put it to you that the PEPS proposal is far more humane, far more legitimate and fair, than what your Primal race did to the tigers.   Most of the tigers died from starvation, shot for their skins, or caught in traps, dying in agony from their wounds.   Our PEPS proposal won't harm a single Primal.   No Primal children will be watching their mother get shot in front of them and then starve to death because their mother's milk is gone."

Harry Shields looked up to the ceiling and let out his breath with a slow, whooshing sound, a phony expression of sorrow on his face.   Then, he turned back to me, accusingly.

 "That's how most tiger cubs died, Eusebio," he continued.   "No Primal will be hurt and certainly no Primal will be killed as a result of our proposal.   We're merely looking at a gradual reduction in the Primal race over generations, permitting all Primals to live out their lives to their natural conclusion.   And our PEPS proposal is honest and legitimate.   We're going through due process.   We're not acting like the Primals of the twenty-first century, saying one thing in the UN while permitting the exact opposite to happen in the real world."

[Read more about the PEPS Hearing: Harry Shields against Eusebio]


So what the hell is Harry Shields talking about?   How can he accuse us of these things?   Well, maybe he has a point.   After all he's talking from the perspective of the late 22nd century.   We're still in the early 21st century.  If things keep going at the rate we're currently experiencing, maybe he'll be right.

A recent report reveals that nearly a quarter of mammal species in the world are threatened with extinction

Extinctions are occurring today at between 1,000 and 10,000   times the normal rate

This is the fastest rate of extinction in 65 million years

We're now going through the 6th major extinction in the history of life on Earth – only this one is man-made!

So, maybe Harry Shields has something on this particular subject…


Naomi Aramovich argues for saving the Primals because, she says, their extinction might mean losing the human soul, something that that maybe only the Primals have.   But Harry argues back that the Primals already did a great job of destroying that soul.   He points to some of the great genocides carried out by European civilization as it devoured the rest of the world.  

Eusebio's on the stand, forced to defend "how the Europeans had systematically devastated the native Americans, cheating and betraying them, manipulating their beliefs, killing them one by one, massacring them in their settlements, destroying their spirit and culture.   And building cities and freeways over their sacred territory."  

Harry Shields chooses to focus on three genocides conducted by the Primals, out of a tragically large number .  

These are:

Genocide of the indigenous North Americans by the U.S.

Genocide of the Australian aboriginals by the British/Australians.

Genocide of the Mesoamerican and South American indigenous people by the Spanish.

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